Tips for the Business Traveler

BuIMG_5064siness trips just aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. As I’ve found out over the last two years business travel is not always complementary flights and first class lounges. Most business travelers, myself included have to deal with long layovers, jet lag, and delayed flights.

Here are a few of my tips for business travelers :

1. Stay hydrated
With complementary alcohol on-board and in business and first class lounges it’s tempting to indulge in a few drinks. The best away to stay hydrated is to stick to water. Avoid indulging in alcoholic or carbonated beverages. Don’t rely on caffeine to stay awake either as tea and coffee are both diuretics which will in turn dehydrate you.

2. Pack no iron or wrinkle-resistant clothing
Companies such as The Bay and Banana Republic offer work clothes that are specifically no iron. It’s a good idea to invest in some no iron shirts and blouses as you will need to pack light and you may not always have access to an iron, depending on where your travel takes you. A wrinkle eraser spray is also a good investment.

3. Pack effectively
Pack appropriately for the amount of time you will be away. If it’s just a weekend or 3 days you probably won’t need to take a checked bag and can use a carry-on. If your trip exceeds five days you should opt for checked luggage. Your carry-on should be packed effectively as well and consist of : a set of professional attire for the next day should you luggage be lost, your night clothes, and a set of casual attire. Most people skimp on packing their carry-on and forget to account for lost or delayed luggage.

4. Avoid eating a heavy meal on-board
Eating a heavy meal on-board can leave you feeling bloated, uncomfortable, and nauseous. Although jet lag may be causing you to be excessively hungry, try and limit the amount of airplane food you consume. Eat prior to boarding and bring a snack with you. Food bought at the terminal prior to boarding can usually be brought on board. You can also opt for dry packaged food such as granola bars or crackers. Avoid heavy meats, pastas, and any foods with creamy sauces or dressings

5. Make room for Meds
Getting sick is the last thing you want on a business trip. I recommend packing Gravol to combat nausea or motion sickness, Imodium for an upset stomach or diarrhea, Tylenol for minor headaches and body aches as a result of flying, and ZzzQuil to help you sleep on the flight and adjust to your new time zone. These are a few over the counter medications that work for me,  if in doubt consult your doctor before trying any new non-prescription mediation.

6. Bring your adapter
Voltage rates vary across the world so we recommend bringing some adapters to ensure that your laptop and cell phone can be charged at your new location. You may need to do some research before to find out what kind of adapter you need and ensure you have one that will fit correctly in to the wall socket at your destination. I strongly recommend charging your laptop and phone on-board so you will be fully ready for your business meetings when you land.

7. Add a little O2
I discovered a product called liquid oxygen by O2 Spa Bar. Adding a few drops to your water while on board will help with fatigue and jet lag. Remember to add it only to water and not any carbonated or alcoholic beverages. You can also place a few drops on your tongue for a more concentrated dosage.

8. Stay in touch : pack a destination specific sim card or purchase a roaming package
If possible purchase a sim card that will be compatible with your new location. You can do this prior to departure or on arrival. I recommend using a local sim card as roaming rates can be quite expensive. Purchasing a roaming package from your wireless services provider prior to departure is also a good idea in case you are unable to locate a local sim or need to get in touch with your office or family  during your journey.


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